Sunday, November 3, 2013

Redland Trip Part 2 - Sand & Seagulls

About a month ago, Vivian and I visited my sister in Redlands. Read my first post about the trip, here.

One of Sheridan and Mark's favorite places is San Diego. They lived there for the majority of their marriage and discovered all of the best spots to visit and eat. I have only been in the city a handful of times, so was thrilled to hear that they planned a daytrip during our stay to introduce Vivian and I to the place they love - San Diego.

We painted the nursery first thing in the morning so the paint fumes could air out while we were gone. After a short two hour drive, we made it just in time for lunch at the amazing Sushi Deli. Best sushi I have ever had. Awesome prices.

Later in the afternoon, we headed to the beach. How could we not? The weather was perfect.

The beach was definitely a learning experience for Vivian.

Lesson 1: If you venture too far out toward the ocean, you better run the other direction when the tide comes sweeping in. Or you may fall on your face.

Lesson 2: Eating sand is not fun. It may look like brown sugar but it's glorified dirt.

Lesson 3: There's never just one seagull. If you throw a Cheerio towards a seagull, you will soon be surrounded. One seagull is cute. A group of thirty is a bit intimidating.

Lesson 4: Sand. Gets. Everywhere.

After the beach, we met up with our cousins, Nicholas and Evan. Both of them are truly amazing young men. Nic is finishing up law school and Evan has this killer job for Sony. Both are so much fun to be around. It's a mystery to us all how they are both still bachelors. Two lucky ladies have a lot in store down the road. We all went to The Fish Shop for some of freshest fish you can get and then walked through Balboa Park (where Mark proposed to Sheridan years ago). We finished the night by indulging in some extraordinary desserts at, well, Extraordinary Desserts.

We were all wiped out at the end of the day. The ride home felt twice as long as the way there, as it always seems to when you're exhausted. Definitely worth it though.

A few other highlights from our vacation...

1. Coffee cake from Carolyn's Cafe. Holy. Moley. I had never before experienced anything quite like this buttery, moist, warm slice of heaven. I still dream about it.

2. Successful Thrifting Trips. Sheridan found the perfect retro side table for the nursery. We painted it and it looks like a lot more than the ten bucks she spent! I found a set of magnetic letters for the refrigerator. They are now Vivi's go-to activity when I'm cooking dinner.

3. Staying up late to work on crafty things and talk life with my best friend. So great, I can't even tell you.

Sheridan is really great at helping me document Vivian's growth by taking pictures of her every few months with her amazing Canon Rebel. Here are some the photos she took for her 14 month milestone.

And, finally, a few shots with Aunt Sheridan. Doesn't she look fabulous seven months pregnant?! Vivian and Sheridan have such a special bond. We are so blessed to have her be a part of our lives.

We are counting down the days until Thanksgiving when we will be reunited once again. We love you, Sheridan and Mark!

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