Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Redlands Trip, Part 1 - Pumpkins & Petting Zoos

About a month ago, Vivian and I were able to take a trip down to Redlands to visit my dear sister, Sheridan, and her amazing husband, Mark. They are expecting their first baby this December (a girl!) and we used the unfinished nursery as an excuse for the trip.
We didn't need an excuse, really. A just-because trip would have been just as wonderful. Sheridan is that friend that you can tell anything to, unfiltered and unfinished. She listens and gives honest feedback. We can seriously sit and do nothing and consider it a good time.
But there wasn't much time for that. Getting the nursery set up was our goal. She has a fantastic eye for style and is super creative, though she doesn't give herself enough credit. We work really well together and our skill sets compliment each other. The week was spent doing DIY projects, thrifting, shopping, and organizing - as well as eating, laughing, and just being together. Viv gave all of the new baby gear a test run. (Their purple Baby Jogger City Select is Ah-ma-zing.) 
Our first day was perfect. After getting Vivian a nice long nap, we took advantage of the perfect weather and headed down to the Live Oak Canyon pumpkin patch. They had over a hundred different varieties of pumpkins and a pretty elaborate petting zoo.
When all of the animals had been thoroughly petted and a perfect (and apparently delicious) white pumpkin was chosen, we headed to the hardware store to get wood for shelving, paint supplies, and the most adorable minty green paint.
More about the trip to come, but for now - some pictures...

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