Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Night Lights

It's Friday night. We're a young family in a small town. What better thing to do than go to the high school football game? And who better to invite our football-nostalgist friend Will and his lovely new wife, Nina. 

We settled into the bleachers as the sun went down. Crowds roared. Cheerleaders cheered. Bands marched. Mascots lurked. Balloons were released. Hot dogs were shared. 

Vivi didn't miss a beat. She soaked it all in. She stayed toasty warm in a Baby Gap fleece-lined wool sweater with a pointy hood. Thrifted for $4.50, remind me why I ever buy anything new?

Vivian ran into Brynlee, a friend from church who is just three weeks younger than her. Such a sweet little girl with some serious Zebra Pride!

By fourth quarter, the novelty had worn off and she could sense it was past her bedtime. She jumped from lap to lap - over to daddy, down to Nina, back up to Will, and eventually snuggled into Mama. I love when she's in that cuddly mood.
Nina is the baby whisperer. No seriously, she is. 

As I changed Vivi into her jammies later on, I asked her some questions. Did you like the football game? Did you like the hot dog? Did you like the music? Even in her sleepiness, all were answered with an enthusiastic nod.

I'd say the night was a success.

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