Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dear Consologic

(In 2011, my husband and I started a business from the ground up. Today, four years later, we close the doors. It was an incredible experience and I wanted to remember my thoughts from today. Today marks the end of a chapter and the anticipation of a new one.)

Dear Consologic,

You were the place. 

You were the place that started as a "what-if". You were a dream, then a spark. You stood for independence. You were risk and hard work. You were ours. 

You were the place we tore apart, ripped out, spackled, painted, furnished; made new. You were a mess when we found you. You were given a new identity and purpose. 

You were the place my marriage was tried, tested, and refined. You were the place I read about pregnancy and labor and sleep training, back when you acted as our only baby and we were expecting. 

You were the place that allowed our daughter to spend so much time with her father. You allowed her to watch him succeed. You taught her the basics of commerce before she could even speak. You were the place she took her first steps. 

You were the place that gave me a large dose of reality and struggle. You made me critical, cynical, grateful, and humble  You taught me about blind faith and divine providence.

Today I say goodbye to you. I say thank you, too, for what you were and what you provided. 

Kristin Suzanne Ball