Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Oh, The Places You'll Go

About a week ago, just days before her five month birthday,Vivian began to crawl. She is thrilled at her own achievement, squealing and squawking with every step.

The house is as big and unknown as the western frontier and she’s as curious and adventurous as a pioneer. She explored the bottom shelf of the coffee table, slipping around on its smooth surface. She embarked on a journey to the laundry hamper, blazed a trail to the sliding glass door, and climbed a mountain of blankets.

It’s about as dangerous as the wild west too with dangling cords, glassware, and electrical outlets. I have to chase her around, baby-proofing as I go.

Vivian, my fearless girl, you’re going places.

She also discovered how to sit up on her own. She’ll take a break from exploring to chew on a particularly delicious toy or her fingers.

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